A Career in Childcare

A career in childcare is not what most people would choose. Understandably because most people do not have the temperament, patience and extra "umphh" required to care for little ones that are not theirs. However there are various reason why more and more people are pursuing a career in childcare.


There are people who right from the onset they knew they would be in a childcare related career. Majoring in paediatrics if they studied medicine or other related disciplines where they would care for children. Mostly with the aim of acquiring enough experience and knowledge to enable then open their own practise or business in future.


These are new mothers who quickly realise that they enjoy caring for children and may decide not to return to work after their maternity leave to take a couple of years out of work to raise their children. They soon find out they really enjoy taking care of and being with children. This inspires them to pursue a career in childcare either by starting a childcare business if they have the resources or find a child related job, ie working in a nursery/crèche, childminding from their homes or even re-training to become a teacher.

Moving on

These are women who take a career break to start and raise their family. When they are ready to start working again, they find it difficult to get a job mostly because their long absence from employment means they are out of touch in their field. Some women will be happy to start from a graduate level and work their way up to where they were before, some may decide to move on to something they have a lot of relevant experience in, childcare.

Career Change

Often people who have had careers unrelated to childcare decide to make a change and pursue childcare as something new either because they have noticed a gap in the market or need of more childcare centres in their local community.

First Job

Young people looking for their very first job may decide to work in a childcare facility such as nursery/crèche, preschool. This could be a university graduate looking for their very first job. Related degrees such as Health and Social Care would be relevant for working with children. Or a secondary school level individual looking to work instead of pursuing a higher education.


There is no doubt that this is a career with a lot of responsibilities because parents will be entrusting you with their most precious thing in the world, and it may not earn you an investment banker salary. However what people who are truly called to this career path get aside from the money is the fulfilment and satisfaction of watching children grow, watching them achieve and reach major milestones, sharing knowledge and teaching a young child.


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